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Partner with us

Over the past 10 years, the dental sector has begun making some significant changes. With shifting ways of thinking, the concerns of dental surgeons are no longer what they used to be.


Like all consumers, 9 out of 10 dental surgeons consult the internet before making a purchase.


  • One out of every 2 dentists browses dental distributor web pages at least once a week
  • 72% consult prices
  • 66% read products’ technical specification sheets


Vendeur materiel dentaireYour clients no longer have the same expectations. But have you integrated this new approach within your company?


Do you know what is said about your products or your company on the internet? Are you sure you are in control of your e-reputation?

computer hand drawing on man in suit

Are you still uncertain? We are here to help.

Dynamique Dentaire supports all dental professionals in image construction, the promotion of products and services, as well as sales development.




For every event in the life of your company (creation, establishment in France, product launching, etc.), Dynamique Dentaire makes your brand more visible.

Our method: We provide you with an efficient and professional tool.

Our tool reflects our beliefs and our vision of modernity.


Today, it is essential:


  • To provide practitioners with clear, standard, collated, professional information on dental equipment
  • To provide the necessary transparency regarding prices and services
  • To offer investment guidance to practitioners
  • To let the ‘real experts’ have their say : manufacturers, prosthetic technicians, and all dental practice professionals
  • To reassert the value of every profession in the dental distribution chain

To facilitate an exchange of experience within the community and provide direct contact links between professionals.


Strategie entreprise materiel dentaire


Dynamique Dentaire is the first webzine dedicated to Dental Surgeons which makes dental equipment a real priority.


From the Home Page: 1/3 of the communication space is dedicated to equipment.






  • Through journals and professional articles
  • With our product database, the only one of its kind in Europe
  • In small dental advertisements, which are free for all users





Dynamique Dentaire makes it possible for all those involved in the dental sector to have their say by giving their views on equipment and also by commenting on current events in the dental sector.

Our community on social networks is constantly growing. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. We are present on the most active social media platforms.


Reseaux sociaux Dynamique Dentaire





Every day, Dynamique Dentaire is building an information base and database regarding products and services which are specifically dedicated to dental surgeons. By providing a professional perspective and the necessary precision, Dynamique Dentaire attracts a stream of decided buyers.




Product information sheets are training and information tools for all French-speaking dental surgeons.

Using relevant, consistent criteria for all items of equipment in the same product family, practitioners can discover all the potential your equipment has to offer.

Fiche produit premium english



Editorial advertising on Dynamique Dentaire is presented in the same way as an editorial article. It can take the form of editorial advert, a brand advert, a communiqué advert or a report advert according to your needs.

Publicité rédactionnelle Dynamique Dentaire





Dynamique Dentaire offers 3 advertising spaces.


  1. Banner

Features: Format: 1 133 x 130 pixels – Limited to 5 per month


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  1. Rectangle

3 rectangles are available on the right hand side of the Dynamique Dentaire website.

Features: Format: 300 x 250 pixels – Limited to 5 per month per rectangle.





  1. Newsletter sidebar

2 advertisement banners available in our newsletter, sent every Tuesday to our subscribers.

Features : Format : 600 x 159 pixels – Limited to 2 per week per rectangle


Newsletter dynamique dentaire annonceurs english




Dynamique Dentaire publicises all current commercial offers to allow dental surgeons to make good deals. Your special offer can be showcased with the opportunity for practitioners to download the advertisement brochure.

Produit Les Promotions Dynamique Dentaire




Do you wish to advertise on our website but lack the necessary communication tools for the internet? We can take care of it.

We create logos, corporate identity and style guides, advertisement brochures in print and in web formats.



Our double expertise in the web and in the dental sector means we are able to offer turnkey website services. Website business cards, display windows or platforms, commercial animations, product launching, etc., we offer support for all projects with any budget.



Dynamique Dentaire seeks to offer manufacturers and service providers a point of confluence with the dental surgeons who are searching for their products.

If you wish to find out more about what we offer or make a specific enquiry, please contact us by filling out this form.

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